Monday, June 28, 2010


I kinda like running a mile a day. It makes me feel somewhat productive. Just add it to the routine. I estimate I sit and watch TV for at least an hour a day. Now I just make it running and watching TV. I'm also trying to eat better. The dumb Saturday parties still dominate me. I had a buncha pizza. Surprisingly there wasn't any fried chicken. That woulda been a double whammy. Meal replacement shake for dinner tonight.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Just got back from Seattle and Vancouver vacation. It was fun. It was expensive. It was delicious. It also made me realize i was super fat.

Going to run a mile everyday. Started today. Also for dinner I'm drinking a meal replacement shake. Drinking the shake right now. It's not bad. They said i could add a squirt of chocolate syrup since it's pretty low on calories. I'll try it tomorrow.

USA all the way tomorrow. Be there or be square


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sorry guys. I'm not dead don't worry. I've just been super busy at work. I've been learning CSS for who knows how long. I bought these stupid tutorials on to teach me more about it, because I had to teach my boss yesterday.

I guess you could call that my first presentation. It went pretty well I guess. I showed him how to make rules and what not. Yeah I know it's pretty basic, but imagine an old white guy that still hunt and pecks his keyboard, and trying to teach him CSS in dreamweaver. We got DW CS5 though. HOLLA! It's pretty snazzy.

Also @ 11 I'm going to my first SEO appt. This guy works with India or something, and Victoria needs muscle to come with her to meet him, because we're meeting at a Starbucks. Yup I'm the muscle. baby

The guy wanted us to bring our services to India the country. I doubt that's gonna happen. Also, Victoria is the girl I'm learning everything from. I feel bad for her most of the time, because the entire company runs through her. She sets up all the appts for the technicians and all the calls get sent to her. She's only 21. Sucks for her

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I made a Website

hello friends,

so i've been making this website at work. it's pretty dumb. i had to learn about stupid metal things like beams and channel. not channels guys. channel. yeah i still don't care about it. imagine the tetris block U. you know but all blocky and not curvy. now make that a long steel beam. that's a channel.

here's the site. Metals Supply
It's cool that it's a real place. in my web design class we made up fake sites on our private UH server, but this is for real. you can google this bad boy.

i had some trouble with it here and there, but it's nice to see the fruits of my labor.

UH Trip

Kathleen is back in the H. she's leaving for some dumb vietnam camp tomorrow though. i think they train her to love hello kitty and other fob vietnamese things. make banh mi and stuff. i digress. i picked her up so we could go to UH. i had a meeting with my internship supervisor lady. dr. willis. she's a nice old lady. she was telling me how they're trying to set up texts and twitter and fb and everything like that to get alerts from your teachers. it's gonna be called "Cougar Bytes". she was really proud of that name. it's pretty snazzy.

kathleen came with me, because she's taking a online class from Tech, and she needs to take it at a legit testing site. we went to the ssb, where we learned that she had to email the guy who would proctor it. the lady was like he's really busy, so she has to email him and can't talk to him right now. he happened to be my old stats teacher, and he passed by and said hi. i was amazed that he remembered me.

anyway, since i had the hook up. we just walked into his office and i chit chatted him for a little, then i let kathleen talk to him about her test. good thing i dominated his stats class, or he wouldn't have remembered me.

the lady mad-dogged kathleen when we left his office, but we got the info we needed.


after all that. kathleen and i went to house of te. she got some weird rice salad. i forgot what it's called, but it's suppose to be good for you. i got a chicken, brie, and cranberry baguette and a iced chai tea. the stuff was super good. we were sad though, because their dinner menu started at 4, adn they had a korean bbq special. house of te was good.

on a side not my mom and dad keep trying to make me get on the treadmill, because they think i'm getting fat. can't nobody hold me down. oh no.

Monday, May 24, 2010


i really like summer. it still means something to me since i'm in school. i would think that people with real jobs think summer is just another season to get by. they go to work and do the same junk everyday working for the weekend.

since i'm in school though. i'm like "that's right i don't have to wake up super early for that dumb 9 o'clock class" I have work now, though. It's pretty sweet. The boss keeps tellin me that he only wants me to work 12 hrs a week, but there's always junk to do so i end up working like 20ish. but that's still only like 3 or 4 days a week. like today. i'm workin from 10-5. i woke up at 9:15. not too shabby

also, i think i've been doing something very bad. no one said anything so i thought it was normal. i have just been counting all the hours i've been at work. for example: if i worked from 8-5. 9 hrs. 10-5. 7 hrs. I'd take an hour lunch and think nothin of it. i assumed it was like baker st. i mean our breaks were only like 15 minutes, but i didn't have to clock out for it. so i was like ok i get paid to eat for an hour that's cool. not the case.

so the predicament is my friends. should i just keep doing this and get free monies, or should i finally start doing my timesheet correctly. no one said anything to me about it. i found out on my own, so i could play dumb for a little longer, or be a good boy.

i think i'll be a good boy. God is watching when i do my timesheet and he's shakin his head with sweet baby Jesus. it was fun while it lasted. you can only beat the system for so long friends.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

And I'm BACK!!!

Sorry guys! I know it's been quite some time without an update. I'll try to be more reliable.

I had finals for awhile, so I've been a little busy. They're pretty gay. I had to make up some stupid grant proposal for my technical communications class, that took a whole day.Basically all my finals took a whole day to do, along with at least the day before cramming for them.

I did ok for the semester, but i basically beat the system. As most of you know I left UT with a super sucky GPA. None of that matters anymore at UH. They're just transfer credits. @ UH I get a clean slate. Bam got me a 3.5 going strong. I totally beat the system. No one needs to know that I went to UT on my resume. Super awesome.

Bryan gave me his starting strength book. I haven't read much of it. Just the squats section. Also, I don't go to UH since school ended so I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna do these real workouts.

I went to the doctor on thursday. They gave me a tetanus shot and an annual checkup thing. He touched my balls and looked at my booty. Took my blood too. We'll get the tests back in a couple weeks for cholesterol and such. I told him about my wrist and how it hurts.

Our conversation:
Dr.: "So have you been having any problems with anything?"
Nikko: "Yeah I kinda messed up my wrist"
D: Oh how'd that happen?
N: I tried to jump over this metal fence thing when I was drunk, and I landed on it funny.
D: *chuckles* Ok . . . well lemme check it out for you.
N: yeah it was really swollen for like a week, but now it only hurts in certain positions
D: *starts touching my wrist* Hmmm, well I don't notice anything wrong. I think you just need to start working out. Strongers muscles will help prevent these kinds of injuries
D: Do you work out?
N: I used to before I messed up my wrist

Man whatever Dr. Delfino Garcia. What a gay diagnosis. Tell me it's broken so i can get a cast or something cool. Give me awesome drugs. Don't tell me I'm a weakling. You were wearing cowboy boots to work.

Anyway, I've decided to do I'm going to couple it with my push-up pro, and make it even better. I'm also trying to play tennis twice a week at least.

I'll update more, and Kathleen graduated. She had an avatar navi speak at her graduation. It was like a speech in Dances with Wolves but James Cameron style. She's coming home tues. EXCITING.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sports Talk

i wish i could be a sports talk radio host. colin cowherd and mike & mike have super awesome jobs. all they do is talk about sports and do random awesome things, just because they know sports people.

sports news:

the nfl draft is tomorrow. the texans pick #20. if someone super awesome is still there the texans will take em. if not they'll go ryan matthews or the best cb left on the board.

big ben is gonna get suspended 6 games. basically big ben is a super creeper. he macks on drunk girls and tries to take advantage of em. "ALLEGEDLY" read the report on he walked into the bathroom where the drunk girl was with his meat out.

the astros are really bad. our best hope is to trade roy o, or the big puma for lots of prospects. or maybe mclane will sell the astros to some russian gajillionaire like the nets did.

tiger and elin are dunzo. she took the kids to sweden. he's out with his friends in orlando partying it up.'

the nba playoffs are in full swing. the thunder can win these games. kevin durant needs to turn it over less. the bulls are done. kg elbowed that sucka in the head. youtube it if you haven't seen it. it was like BOOM